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Hot Air Balloons


No Refunds Policy

We try our very best to accommodate your first choice in date and time to fly with us. However, as the services we provide are all outdoors, we are 100% dependent upon calm winds and stable weather conditions to provide our customers with a safe and enjoyable flight experience with us.There are days and times in which the wind speed, wind direction, and/or inclement weather, such as rain or snow, may cause us to have to cancel your initial flight date. If and when this takes place, we appreciate our customers’ understanding that the decision to cancel is strictly for the safety, security, and protection of our customers and crew members. We also appreciate our customers’ trust in our FAA-certified pilot’s expert ability to assess flying conditions and conservative approach in ensuring your flight with us is safe and enjoyable. If we have to cancel one or more times, we will seek a mutually available date to reschedule your flight at no additional cost. Although finding a safe day to fly may potentially take a bit longer than expected, you can absolutely trust that we will accommodate you; we just want it to be a safe and fabulous flight experience for you. We would much rather wait patiently for a safe and beautiful day to fly for you, instead of settling for a day with sub-par, grossly mediocre conditions. You deserve the best! We appreciate our customers’ understanding, flexibility, and patience if it takes a little extra time to find that great day for you.


Your flight purchase(s) with us is not refundable and is stated on your booking invoice. However, here are the amenities about your flight purchase with us.


  1. Your flight purchase(s) do not have an expiration date. You can use them at any time of the year, wind and weather conditions allowing.


  1. If you wish to transfer one or more flights to someone else, you are more than welcome to do so through a gift certificate. Just let us know and we will process the transfer for you.

No Refunds Policy

Customer Weight Policy

Yes, there is a strict weight limit on each flight. While booking your hot air balloon flight – online or in-person – you will be asked for your body weight, or the total, combined body weight of you and all those traveling in your group. Our maximum weight limit is 250 pounds per person. For individuals weighing over 250 pounds, we kindly require a 50% increase to your flight purchase price (e.g., 1.5 times $350 of a Shared Flight price). Your transparent response to the weight question is critically important, as it determines the safety and fueling needs of your flight. Here are some reasons why weight transparency is so important on a hot air balloon flight.


a. The maximum weight limitations on individual passengers are the most critical factor in determining how much air the balloon will hold, and how much lift (buoyancy) it will have. Maximum weight restrictions exist in a hot air balloon because it needs to lift off from the ground. If the balloon is too heavy, it simply will not fly. The balloon could deflate, causing you to fall from the sky.


b. While the hot air balloon may be able to fly, overweight hot air balloons will run out of gas (propane) much faster, causing passengers to potentially miss out on a full-length flight. Also, every once in a while, finding a landing location can be challenging for the pilot. An overweight flight is at high risk of running out of gas before finding a landing location.


c. Unexpected wind gusts could kick in during your flight or landing. An overweight basket is at very high risk of bumping into dangerous objects that could cause accidents, unexpected injuries, and possibly death. 


d. While we have absolutely no intention at all of being judgmental over body weight, the hot air ballooning business involves a game of numbers, in which, we have to be within a specific weight to ensure your flight is safe. We also want to accommodate as many people as we can while still being profitable by not losing the opportunity to fully book our basket.

Customer Weight Policy

Cancellation Policy

Communication of Cancellation from Us (CT Voyager Balloons):

Two days prior to their scheduled flight date, customers will be sent (most commonly via text message) a brief update on the wind and weather conditions reflecting their flight date. If flying conditions look bad, we will wait another 24 hour or so, with hope some good changes take place. If, by the day before your scheduled flight, the flying conditions do not improve, we will cancel and seek a mutually available date to reschedule your flight. If conditions look good about 12-18 hour prior to your flight, we will send you all the meeting details you need to know.


***Important Note: Please be aware that hot air ballooning is 100% dependent upon calm winds and good weather conditions to ensure your ride with us is safe and enjoyable. There are times when your flight may need to be canceled for safety purposes. Please know that ALL decisions made by the FAA-certified pilot-in-command are final and made with placing safety first, utilizing forecast applications that read far deeper into wind and weather conditions than our cell phones can.


Communication of Cancellation from Customer:

We understand that life situations can happen and cause your need to cancel and postpone your flight. Cancellations by the customer over 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight date are allowed at no charge. Cancellations by the customer 24 hours or less before your flight date will be charged 50% of the total cost of your flight. No-shows and those who missed take-off will render your flight purchase as null and void.

Cancellation Policy
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