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Hot Air Balloon Rides CT (Connecticut) Price


$325.00 per person


$1,150.00 per flight

(Max three passengers)


$2,000.00 per hour



Mehmet Atar

FAA Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot





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How long are flights?

On average, passenger flights are approximately one hour in length. Some flights can vary from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on the amount of fuel on board, the passengers' combined weight, the temperature of the air and when the pilot finds a suitable landing field.

What time of day do the flights take place?

Flights take place at sunrise and approximately 2 hours prior to sunset. Hot air balloons are not able to fly during the middle of the day due to thermal activity, which makes the air unstable. (except for tether rides)

What type of weather conditions are needed to fly?

Hot air balloon passenger flights take place in winds less than 8 knots, with no rain or approaching storms in the immediate area. Flights also require visibility of at least 2 miles.

What type of clothing should we wear?

Special clothing is not required for hot air ballooning. We always suggest practical wear, such as long pants, a light jacket, a hat and no sandals or high heels. We do not fly high enough for a change in temperature so plan to dress for the temperature of the day.

How can I reserve Tether Ride?

You can have a tether ride anywhere in Connecticut and at any time of the day if the wind is less than 5 knots at event time. Please contact us for our availability and location analysis. 

How can I reserve Private Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Simply purchase Private Hot Air Balloon Ride gift certificate first then we will manually reserve a date/time over the phone.

Where do we meet?

The take-off location depends on the weather condition. We will notify you about the take-off location a day before. 

Cancellation policy

All tickets are prepaid in full and are non-refundable. We do understand that sometimes passengers situations change and they no longer can or wish to use their balloon ride tickets. For this reason, the tickets are transferable. If you wish to transfer your ticket  to another party, please ensure their health or ability is not restricted. Simply let us know who you have transferred the ticket  to and we will adjust the file so they can continue to schedule on it.

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